Starlink stuff

Starlink takes too much time to give back the prompt after some (fully performed) operations

setenv AUTOPROV 0

Supported way to convert FITS to NDF

CONVERT fits2ndf, as in this example:

fits2ndf IN=*.fit OUT=*

Crop unneeded portions of an NDF

/star/bin/kappa/ndfcopy “image001(10:500,20:100)” image001sub

In this example we are processing the file image001, removing everything before 10 and after 500 in the abscissa, and everything before 20 and after 100 in the ordinate, and storing it in the file image001sub. Keep in mind that the coordinates of the new file may still have some memory of the coordinates of the old file because Starlink stores different WCS in its headers. For some routines I have checked that I need to use the pixel values stores in the alpha and delta coordinates instead of the x and y coordinates.


creframe lbound=1 ubound=1000 mode=gs ngauss=10 max=30000 min=0 background=0 seeing=40 out=tmp
display tmp
cursor outcat=listcenters
psf in=tmp out=psf incat=listcenters.FIT gauss=true device=xwindows
lucy in=imagedefocus out=imagecorrected AIM=5