Photometry stuff

Please note that the software mentioned in this page is not (yet) publicly available, so these notes are mainly for reference of the author’s group.

Preview images

The NDF format (or the FITS format for that matter) seems cumbersome to preview to people used to just open a file browser and examine their images (JPEG, GIF, etc.) by double clicking with the mouse and pressing the arrows in the keyboard. I have two scripts that solve this by creating JPEG thumbnails with annotations (e.g. the filename) and also an animation of the lot. One of the scripts has the ability to optionally read a lightcurve (file with 2 or more columns of data, assumed to be time, flux and extra things) and plot it below.

This is useful to discard bad images prior to running other photometry analysis depending on the good behaviour of the set.

Install with starperl the following modules:

  • PDL

Run the scripts using starperl. For the animations to work you’ll need a fairly recent version of ffmpeg (up to ubuntu 12.04 the custom version shipped with the OS is not useful for this).