Last two theses at UCN


On May 1, 2012, I began working at Universidad de Antofagasta as the Director of the Unidad de Astronomía. Roughly 6 months earlier I marked  the last two undergraduate theses I directed at Universidad Católica del Norte, by Juan Pablo Colque and Paz Bluhm. Both took their time to write up their work but eventually they did very well. I never feel very comfortable when the marks are decided just by a bunch of people who all work at the same university and know each other very well, as this potentially leads to social biases in the scores. Also, I think that at this stage students should be up for a bit of a challenge, so having an external referee is positive at several levels. Following this philosophy, in the case of Juan Pablo I asked an ESO astronomer to be his referee. In the case of Paz I invited an astronomer from Universidad de Valparaíso to take this role. Both did a good work and passed their viva, successfully completing their first degree! Congrats to both!

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