I am a Chilean astronomer currently living in Chile and working at Universidad de Antofagasta (UA). I did my Ph. D. in Astronomy in the University of Southampton (UK). I directed for several years the outreach centre at Universidad Católica del Norte and then co-founded the Astronomy Unit at UA in 2012 in collaboration with the astronomer Christian Nitschelm. I have directed the Astronomy Unit since its creation, also having the opportunity to lead the creation of a new observatory (Ckoirama) and a new astroengineering lab (LADA).


Please note that this is my research website. If you want/need/crave to know more about the human being behind the scientist, then go to my personal website and/or to my (rarely updated) blog but first learn a bit of Spanish 🙂 If you need a video of me, click here, but you might need to set some cookies in your browser.